We Are Creating Value From Waste

What We Do

We are converting enormous waste streams from agriculture and industries into valued products. Read more

Why Waste To Value

Natural freshwater resources are under threat by algae blooms feeding on nutrient runoff worldwide. Read more

Markets & Growth Drivers

The world population growth clock is ticking, requiring solutions for food, water, and energy demands. Read more

Potential Market Growth

The global population is estimated to increase to over 9 billion by 2040, and with that, the demand for food, water, and energy will grow, requiring innovative solutions.

GSR’s cutting edge technologies that convert waste into value will serve large existing and emerging market sectors interfacing with nutrient recovery driven by sustainable economic & regulatory market growth in Waste Treatment, Value Products, Feed, Fertilizer, and Fuel at global scales.

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  • Bolt-On Scalable Systems
  • Reduced Nitrogen & Phosphorus
  • Improved Water Quality Benefit
  • Valued Products - Fertilizer, Fuel, Feed

Complete Supply Chain Engaged

Value-added projects in progress with stakeholder involvement supported by the United States Department of Agriculture.

Several projects supported by regulatory agencies and partners completed.

Nutrient Recycling Challenge

GSR Solutions is among 34 teams selected in the global Nutrient Recycling Challenge.

Phase II in progress.

Media Highlights

Addressing the Food, Water, and Energy Markets

2.12 Billion

Tons of Waste Dumped Globally Every Year

335 Million

Tons of Waste Dry Matter Produced On US Farms

$123 Billion

Global Waste Remediation Market by 2022

9.8 Billion

Global Population Growth By 2050


Value-added Products in Partnership With Stakeholders

NH organic farm partner planning on producing value-added co-products

GSR Solutions 01/10/2022

GSR Solutions has announced a planning project with a livestock and producer farm partner in New Hampshire. This project aims to produce organic value-added...

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Partnership project breaks ground for installing a nutrient recovery facility

GSR Solutions 05/03/2021

GSR Solutions, in partnership with a local dairy farm, breaks ground for installing a nutrient recovery facility in Franklin County, VT...

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CAAFI Publishes Farm-to-Fly 2.0 Fact Sheet, Summarizes GSR's VT Project

CAAFI 09/01/2019

The Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuels Initiative (CAAFI) has published the Farm-to-Fly 2.0 (F2F2) Fact Sheet and summarized GSR's project in Vermont...

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