General Systems Research LLC Announces company name change to GSR Solutions LLC

  • 01/02/2014
  • GSR Solutions

Burlington, VT– January 02, 2014 – General Systems Research, an algae technology development company, today announced it is changing its name to GSR Solutions LLC. GSR retains the acronym for General Systems Research. The new name reflects expansion of company’s operations in providing cutting edge technologies for manufacture of biofuel and valued by-products such as fertilizer and neutraceuticals.

“In 2008, General Systems Research initiated algae biofuel technology development and continued unwavering efforts with the related R&D until now. Technology development is a slow process, especially with the limited number of algae strains known for their by-product manufacture potential” said Anju Dahiya, the President and co-founder.

The company’s ongoing algal projects, partnerships with funding agencies, technology end users, and other organizations are unaffected by this change. Under the new name company will continue its projects supported by Department of Energy, Vermont Sustainable Jobs fund, NSF, VT-EPSCoR, US Department of Agriculture, Vermont Fuel Dealers Association, Commercial Aviation Alternative Fuel Initiative, Farms, Breweries and many other organizations.

For quite some time now we have been realizing GSR is much more than research and development. Accordingly the name change decision was made in December 2013. Website update to reflect this change is in progress. A formal press release will follow in the newspapers. It might take us some time during this transition and the former name will continue to be used until the full transition.

About GSR Solutions LLC:

GSR Solutions is reinventing its general systems approach to manufacture of algal-based biofuel & valued by-products such as fertilizer, nutraceuticals etc. and integrate into the waste treatment for cost-effectiveness. Company’s product manufacture is based on readily available waste or low-cost throughput feed-stocks (wastewater, organic & non-organic waste materials from farms, breweries, food industries, etc.) for algal biomass production making it practical and affordable.

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